From Agribusiness to Agroecology

Here’s my talk from the Historical Materialism conference last month, as part of the panel on “Utopia, degrowth, and ecosocialism”. I take us from agribusiness to agroecology in 18:10.

If only it were that easy. But I think it’s a good summary of our present global trap and a few steps toward an exit out. Big picture, it won’t be just a matter of good ideas in alternate food systems as many a well-intentioned academic presents.

With appearances by the Chicago Bulls, Berta Cáceres, Cargill, Amílcar Cabral, and–yes, there is such a thing–the Kansas Military Agribusiness Development Team.

4 Responses to “From Agribusiness to Agroecology”

  1. Rodrick Wallace Says:

    Neatly done….

  2. Hi MR WALLACE !
    First a serious JOKE : ” Bats ? Really ? See all coronaviruses it carries ? ”

    That said, your video is nice but you should admit Marxist industrial cult was the culprit as much : how easy it was to switch from Marxist to Capitalist industrial model in CHINA… watch the consequences now…

    So it would be fair to accuse Industry as a whole and ANY political philosophy associated to it, included Marxism.

    And just remind the old neolithic age ( nearly unchanged till green revolution) never destroyed itself on such a pace.

  3. Rob Wallace Says:

    I’ve written extensively on the epizoological effects of China’s historical trajectory up through the latest in economic liberalization, including on this site:

    I also ended my latest piece on coronavirus: “Let’s realize a creaturely communism far from the Soviet model.”


  4. John doyle Says:

    Just brilliant

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