The Hillary Clinton Boil

The Hillary Clinton Strain2An outbreak of flesh-eating cutaneous leishmaniasis is disfiguring hundreds of thousands across Syria, Eastern Libya, Yemen, and Iraq.

As all are countries in which the leading Democratic Party candidate for the U.S. presidency green-lit war, for parsimony’s sake the so-called “Aleppo boil” or “Baghdad boil” should be appropriately renamed.

“Bombed out buildings,” Sarah Hiddleston reports,

disrupted insecticide control, and poor water and sanitation services create a ripe breeding ground for sandflies [that transmit the Leishmania trypanosomes]. Poor health systems mean treatment is difficult to reach or insufficient, and refugees fleeing conflict take the disease into non-immune areas or arrive in endemic areas without immunity themselves.

As the junior senator from New York, Hillary Clinton repeated Bush administration talking points about Saddam Hussein’s WMD and terrorist support network to justify her vote in support of invading Iraq in 2003.

As secretary of state she infamously characterized the war-torn country as a shock-doctrine “business opportunity” through which expropriation could be offshored, a State Department priority during her tenure.

Indeed, write David Sirota and Andew Perez,

The quote was included in an email released by the State Department [in September 2015] that specifically mentioned JPMorgan and Exxon Mobil. JPMorgan was selected by the U.S. government to run a key import-export bank in Iraq and in 2013 announced plans to expand its operations in the country. Exxon Mobil signed a deal to redevelop Iraqi oil fields. JPMorgan has collectively paid the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation at least $450,000 for speeches, and Exxon Mobil has donated over $1 million to the family’s foundation.

Libya was a Clinton special. In the face of Pentagon opposition, she convinced President Obama to bomb the Gaddafi regime fighting off an Arab Spring-inspired rebellion, a decision Obama acidly regrets in an uncharacteristically public way,

Obama did not want to join the fight; he was counseled by Joe Biden and his first-term secretary of defense Robert Gates, among others, to steer clear. But a strong faction within the national-security team—Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, who was then the ambassador to the United Nations, along with Samantha Power, Ben Rhodes, and Antony Blinken, who was then Biden’s national-security adviser—lobbied hard to protect Benghazi, and prevailed. (Biden, who is acerbic about Clinton’s foreign-policy judgment, has said privately, “Hillary just wants to be Golda Meir.”)

On the lynching of Muammar Gaddafi, a beaming Clinton guffawed on camera, “We came, we saw, he died.” She would go on to characterize the chaos that followed, which happens to include continuing war, 400,000 refugees, and an ISIS foothold, as “smart power at its best.”

Clinton’s team appeared so intent on amplifying war across the region that it used one to help launch another. Ambassador Chris Stevens was in the midst of aiding a CIA covert operation to transfer missiles from Libyan armories to Syrian rebels when he was killed in the attack on the embassy in Benghazi.

Clinton, spearheading a Chalabi-like “Friends of Syria” to crush the odious Assad regime, blocked efforts aimed at negotiating a ceasefire in Syria in favor of a CIA-backed insurgency.

In the face of Clinton’s campaign to characterize herself as peacemaker in Syria, Jeffrey Sachs writes that

Clinton was the obstacle, not the solution, to a ceasefire being negotiated by UN Special Envoy Kofi Annan. It was US intransigence – Clinton’s intransigence – that led to the failure of Annan’s peace efforts in the spring of 2012, a point well known among diplomats. Despite Clinton’s insinuation in the Milwaukee debate, there was (of course) no 2012 ceasefire, only escalating carnage. Clinton bears heavy responsibility for that carnage, which has by now displaced more than 10 million Syrians and left more than 250,000 dead.

The tragedy since has degenerated into farce–cue ‘Yakety Sax’–with CIA- and Pentagon-backed militias at one point fighting each other.

Alongside defending drone strikes on Yemen, Clinton and her State Department brokered multi-billion-dollar defense sales to Saudi Arabia, including, as Lee Fang writes, F-15 jet fighters with which Saudi Arabia has pummeled Yemen beginning last year:

[N]ewly released emails show that her aides kept her well-informed of the approval process for $29.4 billion sale in 2011 of up to 84 advanced F-15SA fighters, manufactured by Boeing, along with upgrades to the pre-existing Saudi fleet of 70 F-15 aircraft and munitions, spare parts, training, maintenance, and logistics.

“Not a bad Christmas present,” one American official put the sale.

The dominant eigenvalues of few diseases are so clearly personified. The purple plaques across thousands of children’s faces are a veritable campaign logo.

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