Happy Labor Day!

Batman barbacueFrom which Hegelian delusion do you suffer? Are you a Beautiful Soul who deplores the world’s wicked ways while actively reproducing them? Do you follow the Law of the Heart and as a self-proclaimed savior resort to paranoid constructions to explain why the greater world doesn’t follow your expectations?

Or do you enjoy one or both fallacies because each imbues even a life of inquiet desperation with meaning?

Can precepts underlying such disassociations be simultaneously false in the abstract and entirely necessary in the concrete? How else can we change the world save starting as the people we are now? Surely any Cabralian betrayal that follows is the righteous path?

Do you all-out reject both delusions as hideously bourgeois instead — fake meat on a fake holiday — however much you might embody them? Or, back hard in the other direction, are such dialectical gaps the very means by which to overcome the injustices that produced them? Are our hypocrisies — falling on our faces into something new — the way out?

Do such trepidations evaporate upon a revolution right or wrong? Does revolution begin only when enough of the prevalent dread cooks off into conscientisation? Do we prols arrive at such equanimity, however tenuous, when we suddenly recruit each other as active participants of a shared history?


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