Wishbone Formation

Thanksgiving FergusonThanksgiving. A quintessentially American holiday. We are asked to celebrate an ideal of La Convivencia fronting for the genocide and primitive accumulation that followed. As if a party that didn’t happen that way rationalizes the pillaging that did.

And–’tis the season–you can see such a reaction formation in many a characterization of Ferguson. Rioting against property embodying the social relations that left Mike Brown dead in the street is dismissed as the wrong response to a rigged decision no other ‘respectable’ reply stopped or reversed. After all, can’t we all just get along (without changing a fucking thing)?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be eating turkey and watching football too. And happily so, as we’ll be giving thanks here for the understanding now rolling across the country there are few options for the many millions stranded other than acting together.

However terrible the path there, a painful middle passage in reverse, there is great hope too in realizing we are the agents of our own history. A wish growing in the bones.


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