The One Wealth Approach

One Wealth 2I’ll be speaking on Structural One Health at the University of Minnesota this Wednesday, April 16, as part of the Institute on the Environment’s ‘Frontiers in the Environment’ speakers series.

If you are unable to make the talk in the flesh, you can watch it live online here.


Global Capital and Disease Hot Spots

Rob Wallace, Visiting Scholar, Institute for Global Studies, University of Minnesota

Wednesday, April 16, 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
IonE Seminar Room R380, Learning & Environmental Sciences Bldg., St. Paul campus, University of Minnesota

As a new approach to public health, One Health investigates disease “hot spots” where new pathogens are transmitted from animals to humans. Up to this point One Health has focused on the developing world, from where outbreaks of diseases like avian influenza and Nipah virus geographically originate. But should New York and London be considered among the world’s hottest hot spots? Wallace asserts that such centers of capital fund the land grabbing, deforestation, and agricultural intensification that drive disease outbreaks in the first place.

UPDATE. A video of the full presentation is now available.


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