Martin 1:16

On a 1968 swing through poorest, rural black Mississippi months before his assassination, drumming up support for the Poor People’s March later in the year, Martin Luther King lays out the historical legacy of agricultural racism, subsidy capitalism, and American regionalism in no uncertain terms. Here is in 1:16 what you can’t find in thousands of pages in foodie liberalism.


3 Responses to “Martin 1:16”

  1. MLK highlights yet another example of white privilege, which, of course, is unfair, but more insidiously, generally unacknowledged. How can a just society evolve when a vast majority vehemently resent the concept of white privilege and genuinely don’t see a problem.

  2. Rob — can you add the title of this particular talk? The YouTube channel it was in has been taken down.

  3. rgwallace Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, AED. I relinked the video. I believe this was just one of many talks King gave on this last swing through the South. The clip is taken from a documentary I haven’t identified yet. Here’s a longer clip:

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