He Is Risen

On this holy day, Easter 2013, a few brief stanzas from the Book of Dialectics.

In practical terms, the dialectical–extending in the West back to Socrates, Spinoza, Rousseau and the Bible–can be embodied by complex parameter spaces in which variables can be parallel in effect in one part and suddenly in opposition in another.

Indeed, there are second-order manifestations. The very space describing such relationships can itself be subjected to punctuated shifts.

Or a single variate can take on a dual character depending on its framework. For instance, an object (or organism or ecosystem) in (physical or evolutionary) motion is both found at a particular spot and by definition no longer there (unless Δt=0, which in the everyday is never the case).

For Friedrich Engels, life itself is defined by this ostensible contradiction–this composite process of being and becoming. Our being is found in its repeated death (and rebirth).

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