Publication of ‘Farming Human Pathogens’ Pushed Back

farming-human-pathogens-book-cover3Springer has pushed back publication of Farming Human Pathogens: Ecological Resilience and Evolutionary Process to May 14.

The book introduces a cutting-edge formalism based on the asymptotic limit theorems of information theory to describe how punctuated shifts in mesoscale ecosystems imposed by human intervention can entrain patterns of gene expression and organismal evolution. The development is applied to several infectious diseases, including HIV and bird flu.


One Response to “Publication of ‘Farming Human Pathogens’ Pushed Back”

  1. Mick Pikel Says:

    Obviously this is a scholarly work, but since there is increased interest due to the new H1N1, it might be helpful (for everybody) to have a summary lay people can understand. If I read your scholarly summary 3 times I can vaguely tease out what its about, but I think it will be read more if you include a lay translation for outside your discipline.

    I am attending community college in preparation for an associate degree as a medical lab technician.

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